On the right some regularly changing tracks made by Martine under the name Martineair. Try-outs and ideas, uncut and experimental! More tracks on www.soundcloud.com/martineair.
Since 2010 Martine has been making instant videos again; spontaneous video shorts such as Imagine this.


Vibes Landing (2009-2014)
Meet you in 5D (2014)
DigBeat (2013)
Fly (2014)

Funky Max (2013)

Chasing Rainbows (2013)

Synergy (August 2011)

Good Memories (2009)

Roxy Vibes (2007)
LeCool (2008)
The Other World (2009)
Plink-Ploink (2007)
Into the Magic (2008)

My First Music:
Speechless (20050
Sparkle Fun(k) (2005)
Dive In (2005)

Walking on Stars (2005)